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One-Stop Shop for Excellent Bowling Supplies

Wide Range of Equipment for Your Bowling Needs

For all your bowling equipment needs, turn to Allen's Bowling & Trophy Supplies You can enjoy the friendly, comfortable atmosphere at our locally owned shop. We are happy to customize bowling balls and provide other services you need to ensure you will always play your best. 

You can trust the knowledge of our owner, a bowling instructor and high school bowling coach, to drill holes at the proper span for that perfect bowling ball fit. Our shop, established in 1991, features a great selection of high-end balls, bags, shoes and accessories.

Allen's Bowling & Trophy Supplies is a free standing pro shop. One of the things that sets us apart is we are not located inside of a bowling center, so you can come and peruse of a variety of brands during our dependable hours.

The Best Selection of Bowling Products to Choose From

Watch your game improve with our exceptional products and services. Choose from:
  • Bags
  • Shoes
  • Bowling balls
  • Accessories
  • Customized bowling shirts for you
  • Services for all brands
  • Allen's Bowling & Trophy Supplies purchases many of the products from Dilaura Brothers 

Customize Your Ball for That Perfect Feel and Fit

Our technician will drill any ball purchased anywhere, locally or online. Allen's Bowling & Trophy Supplies is one of the few shops that aren't inside of an alley so you can stop by during our convenient hours for all your bowling supplies. We offer same-day service on most orders. Call 734-479-1717 and we will respond to you in one business day.
We stand behind 
our work 100%. 
We are not happy 
unless you are happy.
Call 734-479-1717 
One thing that sets Allen's Bowling & Trophy Supplies apart from other pro shops is it does not push a certain brand. If you thought there's no variety in bowling supplies, visit us to be pleasantly surprised by the great service for all brands.
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