Timeless Beauty With Sandblasting

Unique and Personalized Sandblasting Services

If you are looking to personalize or customize an item using sandblasting, turn to Allen's Bowling & Trophy Supplies. We offer exceptional services at affordable prices. Honor that special person who has donated his or her life to a cause or someone who has recently passed away with a sandblasted keepsake in their behalf.

Get a Classy Look for Truly Important Events

Sandblasting can be used to give a unique look to personal items, including glassware, bricks, rocks, sign foam and many other materials that would benefit from personalization. Glass awards are a tasteful way to capture the spirit of significant events – a long-lasting way to preserve life-lasting moments such as weddings or anniversaries. 

It's also a great way to appreciate your employees, sales achievements, volunteers and business associates.

Honor Our Heroes With a Unique Customization

Looking for a perfect memorial for a military member? Turn to Allen's Bowling & Trophy Supplies. We will sandblast a personalized message on custom bricks or rocks.

If you have a surface you may be interested in sandblasting, or if you are unsure if it is capable of being sandblasted, call us at 734-479-1717. 
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