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UV Printing Solutions

Get complete UV printing solutions on a wide range of surfaces. Allen's Bowling & Trophy Supplies has all the necessary equipment required to print on a variety of surfaces. Contact us right away and get state-of-the-art UV printing solutions that are sure to give your merchandise the perfect finish.

ADA-Compliant Braille Sign Printing

You can count on us to create ADA-compliant Braille signage. We stock printers made by some of the best manufacturers in the industry and that is how we get our perfect finish each time. Our Braille sign printers offer users the option of either first-surface or second-surface graphics when creating raised-texture signage on acrylic substrates. We can create signage that complies with federal ADA guidelines via a DCS-patented UV printing process in a highly effective and economical manner.

Acrylic Printing: Awards, Plaques

Thanks to our direct Jet digital acrylic printers, we can print directly onto acrylic awards, plaques, signage and print-to-cut objects. Our printing process and revolutionary machinery can produce brilliant photographic-quality color prints each time! 

What's more? With these UV printers, you can get images and text in a genuine opaque white or use the white as a primer for crisp, vibrant images on clear and colored acrylic. Our UV printers are also capable of creating breakthrough raised TEXTUR3D™ prints to bring a new dimension to your merchandise.

Cell Phone and Tablet Cases

Bring your creative ideas to life through our personalized mobile and tablet case printing solutions. Print high-resolution images of your loved ones or of your favorite designs onto your cell phone or tablet cases. Our direct jet UV printers with TEXTUR3D™ printing on-board allow you to easily create eye-popping, raised-texture cell phone cases and tablet cases.

Golf Ball Printing

If you want to embed your brand's logo onto a golf ball, we have just the right equipment! We have printers that allow us to print multiple golf balls in a single pass. While golf ball printing may sound complex, our specialized equipment can get the job done in a highly effective and economical manner.

Sign Printing

Create customized signs for your industrial, commercial or residential requirement. With our heavy-duty printers, you can get crisp printing for indoor or outdoor environments. What's more? You can even print on the sides of your car! Our UV printing employs the latest in printing technology to create a system that will print signs that cure instantly, allowing you to print opaque white on even the darkest substrates and maintaining resistance to UV light.

Textured Printing (TEXTUR3D™)

Our revolutionary printers are backed by some of the most innovate printing software the industry has seen. The Color Byte RIP 9 software that we use brings a new dimension to your projects. One of which is the all new TEXTUR3D™ printing process. Through this, the software is able to offer remarkable single-pass, raised-texture options to create stunning raised prints on cell phone covers and other merchandise and bring new life to your projects. You can print on a variety of surfaces including plastics, acrylic, wood, metals, and much more.

T-Shirt Printing

A significant improvement to conventional t-shirt printing is the DTG or direct-to-garment printing for cotton, cotton blends, polyester and synthetics without the need for harsh chemical pretreatments. The industry has often struggled with direct-to-garment printing without using harsh chemicals. However, with our unique line of machinery made by reputed manufacturers, you can get superior quality printing on your fabric without the use of these chemicals that can deteriorate the quality of the print.
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